Church History

Church History
St. Paul's Missionary Baptist Church History
Vineland, New Jersey
Founded 1906

St. Paul's Baptist Church was 1st organized in 1906 in the home of Mrs. Maggie Pierce, meeting on Montrose Street, near East Avenue. Along with Mrs. Peirce, the founders were,

Mrs. Maria Robinson
Mrs. Sadie Lee Shockley
Mrs. Flossie Lee
Mrs. Ida Jones
Mrs. Lucy Price
Mrs. Rosetta Clark
Mr. George Lee
Mr. Samuel Robinson
Mr. Charles Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. John Nobles
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Clark
Pastor Rev. Levi A. Freeman

Although the church's history during the period of 1906-1909 was obscure, we were able to ascertain this date from the church's records, which have been lost or destroyed.

In 1909, the founders came back together under the pastorate of Rev. J.A. Forman of Philadelphia, PA. The first church property was located at Third and Grape Streets.

On April 8, 1914, this religious society was incorporated and known by the name of St. Paul Baptist Church, Vineland, New Jersey. 1921, the property at the church's present location at Second and Wood Streets was obtained.

The former pastors of SPMBC are as follows (in chronological order):

Levi A. Freeman (founder)
J. Farmer
R.O. Miller
C.L. Franklin
W. Scott
J.A. Thornton
A. Woodard
G.W. Campbell
Rev. Charles Harvey
Rev. Marvin Jones
Rev. Darrell Bradsbery
Rev. Kriston V. Matthews

In November 1962, Rev. Charles Harvey Sr. was called to pastor St. Paul Baptist Church. Rev. Harvey saw that the old church was deteriorating, so he proceeded to make preparations to build a new edifice. In 1970, the old building was demolished. Through the blessing and grace of God, the many sacrifices made by Rev. Harvey and the members, many of which used their homes for collateral, the new building was completed. We marched into the new church; here at our present location of Second and Wood Streets, in Vineland, New Jersey, on Sunday, September, 6, 1970.

By the grace of God, love of the pastor, Reverend Harvey, and the dedication and hard work of the members of St. Paul Baptist Church, we held a Mortgage Burning Service on January 16, 1977. Also, during the tenure of Rev. Harvey, the church's name was changed to St. Paul's Missionary Baptist Church. Reverend Harvey retired as pastor in 1993, after 31 years of service and was conferred the title of Pastor Emeritus of St. Paul's Missionary Baptist Church.

Today, St. Paul's Missionary Baptist Church is pastored by Rev. Darwin Ransom.